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Our Guiding Framework
For any business or organisation to achieve its full potential, it will need to have certain 'ducks' in a row.  

The H Factor has developed a simple yet powerful framework for identifying strengths and gaps in practices.

Foundation of Everything
This is the compelling reason WHY you exist.  It underpins everything else your business will do.

Get this right and your people will rally behind your efforts, and customers will value your presence.

Your Purpose - the reason your organisation exists - is deep and personal. It's why you've committed this part of your life to doing what you do.

Uncovering - perhaps recovering - your purpose will create unwavering certainty and clarity for you and your team. Knowing why you do what you do enables everyone to pull in the same direction, while allowing every individual the 'space' to craft their own unique contributions. 
Systems & Metrics
Clarity & Consistency
This is the 'systems'-side of How We Do Things Around Here

 - It's codifying-for-consistency.

 - It's measuring-what-matters.

 - It's being able to deliver... on-time, every-time.

Get this right, and your business will function as well when you're away as it does when you're there. You can finally start spending your time doing things that energise and motivate you... whether that's scanning the horizon for new opportunities or spending more time with your family.

Get this right, and your business will have value... will be an asset that in the future someone else could step-in and own/run.
The Ultimate Success-Factor
This is the 'People'-side of How We Do Things Around Here.

It's also about clarity and consistency, but focuses on:

 - the Staff Experience

 - the Customer Experience

Get this right and you will have earned the loyalty of both your people and your customers. Your current troubles and distractions will fade into the background. Your efforts can then be directed to growth and new initiatives.

Your customers will love you, and new customers will seek you out.
Products & Services
This is just WHAT you do... for now
The way we look at things, the actual products and services you provide are the least important elements of your business or organisation. Controversial? Perhaps.

But your products and services are mercurial, ever-changing, ever-evolving.

They are merely the expression of your Purpose, and a result of How You Do Things.

And they're not what your customers are buying.  In reality, they're buying what you stand-for, and buying the thing(s) that make you different from your competitors. 

Let's face it, we'd be very surprised if you were the only ones doing what you 'do'.  And even if you are, for now, if you're making money you can bet others will catch-on and you won't be the only ones doing it for long!

But you DO have products or service, so we'd better make sure they're efficiently delivered and profitable.
Collectively, these factors determine your success
But let's not lose sight of the fact that you already run a successful* enterprise. 

You've accomplished what few others would be capable of, and deserve to celebrate that! 
Yet there's a reason you've found your way here. There's an itch you want to scratch.
You see (or seek) an opportunity to grow, to evolve, to do things better.
Which makes you just the kind of person - and enterprise - we want to work with.
You're exactly who we create the most value for.

You're the reason we get our of bed each morning.

So get in touch. Grab a coffee with us. Come along to one of our events. Sign up for the Newsletter.
The one thing we can't do for you is take this first step.
But we can promise you that it's low cost and low risk. You've everything to gain and nothing to lose.

And we can't wait to hear from you :-)

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