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Why do we exist?
The H Factor exists to help businesses grow, to strengthen organisations, and to bring out the best in people

We believe that every person has the right and innate capability to create the extraordinary through meaningful purpose and inspired action. Our work empowers leadership through giving people the clarity of their purpose, the freedom to pursue it, and the confidence to drive it like they own it.
There's a lot packed into that paragraph, so let's tease it out a little

We believe everyone has something extraordinary inside them... a unique and powerful contribution to make through their work, their lives and/or their relationships. Sometimes it's already there for the world to see, and sometimes it needs a little help to bring to the surface. But we believe it's there... in everyone.

We believe the way to bring that out is through having a strong sense of Purpose to our lives, and for this to lead to inspired action.

And we believe that organisations flourish when they actively help their people achieve clarity around their own purpose, show how this aligns with the organisation's purpose, and then create conditions where their people are free to 'express' that.
This is what gets us out of bed each day!

Every H Agent is driven by the response we get to our work.  We make a difference in people's lives, and they tell us... daily. 

The business owners we support have a weight lifted from their shoulders, and they are incredibly appreciative.

The managers and staff we support are genuinely thankful for the conditions we're able to help them create within their teams and organisations.

Every day, we get to see people uncovering their deeper purpose, and setting-forth to 'live' that purpose through their work.

What more could anyone want?
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